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5 Must Try Foods in Berlin

5 Must Try Foods in Berlin

Berlin is a place worth watching and while you would be in awe of its architecture, its culture and history; its rich cuisine will attract all your attention and time and again you will visit restaurants, pulled in by temptation and curiosity of what else the city has to offer. While there might be a wide range of foods that you might want to try from Berlin’s local cuisine, here are few of our choices which are a must have before you leave Berlin.


Spatzle is a form of pasta but can be eaten with a lot of combinations; as a proper meal or just a snack. As a side dish, it is often combined with eggs, flour and water so the dough can fuzz up. The chef who is handling the dough needs to be an expert to produce quality Spatzle. Once ready, it can be served with meat dishes and can also be dropped in any soup to enhance its richness and viscosity. However, if you like Spatzle too much and want to have it with dinner, simply add some cheese and voila!


Though the origin of this dish is Italian and it is often associated with Austria, Berlin has modified the original recipe thus claiming the new version to be there. While Schnitzel is made with veal all over the world, in Germany it is made by pounding pork steaks into thin layers and then frying it. Schnitzel is often served with mushroom, bell pepper or plain creamy sauce. Don’t forget some apple wine to down this mouth-watering dish.


Don’t you just love foods that let you play around and experiment with it? Maultaschen, also known as Swabian ravioli is one of them. With the square outer casing being made of pasta, it can be boiled or friend and can be stuffed with anything from mushrooms, to mice meat or even various kind of sauces. It is eventually garnished with pepper, herbs and various other spices which give it the final heavenly touch.


Talk about a typical German dish paired with a meat packed experience. Rouladen is sure to take your taste buds for a ride if you are a meat lover. Imagine a mixture of bacon, finely chopped onions, mustard and pickles wrapped in thin beef slices and cooked to perfection.


Aren’t some culinary experiments simply beautiful and become a hit for decades to come? Well, Currywurst is one such example whose recipe was whipped up but one of the residents of Berlin, Herta Heuwer who got ketchup and curry powder from British soldiers back in 1949. She made a sauce and poured it over pork grilled pork sausages. Currywurst is also served with fried and bread rolls to make it more filling and approximately 800 Currywurst are sold per year, making it the most popular street food in Berlin.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, plan a trip to Berlin and treat yourself with the most diverse and flavorsome culinary experience that you have ever had.

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